Wednesday, June 10, 2009



aku boring.. so aku jawab lah soalan2 pakey ku buang masa ku...


Single or Taken:
---- taken


---- 26 apriL

---- 5

Eye colour:
---- blacK

Shoe size:
---- 4

---- 153 cm.. i guess...

What are you wearing right now:
---- my uniform...

Where do you live:
---- my home

Righty or lefty:
---- righty

Any pets:
---- cat.. chimie



Who are your best friends:
---- yna, adek, erny n who else a??

Do you have a bf or gf?:
---- yes i do hav both... :)

Best place to go for a date:
---- i dont know..

Longest relationship:
---- 2 years

Shortest relationship:
---- 1 week.. hahaha high skull.. :)

Outgoing or introverted?:
---- outgoing



Favorite kind of pants:
---- shorts and jeans

Favorite Number:
---- 26

Boys Name:
---- i don't know.. boi mayb?

Girls Name:
---- nuruL.. hahaha

---- cat..

---- coLa

Fast-Food Place:
---- kFc and McD

---- apriL coz its my befdaY..

---- avril lavigne, tsunami bomb, eyeliners.. and many more..

---- mee jawa and roti canai... yum yum..

Favourite cartoon character:
---- sleeping beauty, spongebob, kim possible.. :)


*have u ever*

Given anyone a bath:
---- yes!! my little princess..

---- yup....

Bungee Jumped:
---- nope.. fobia..

Made yourself throw-up:
---- nope.. just throw up when i see ur face, bitches!!!

Put your tongue on a frozen pole:
---- nope.. i'm not that stupid..

Broken a bone:
---- yes!! tulang ikan n ayam.. hahaha

Been in a police car:
---- yes..

Come close to dying:
---- nope...

Been in a sauna:
---- always... my room is a sauna...

Fallen asleep in school:
---- always...

Ran away:
---- yes!!

Broken someone's heart:
---- owez...

Cried when someone died:
---- yup.. when my grandmother died..

Done something you regret?:
---- a lot...


*what is*

Best song you ever heard:
---- 1,2,3,4 - plain white T's , the fear n fuck u - lily allen..

What's your room like:
---- mess... juz what i like..

Last thing you said:
---- fuck!!

What is beside you:
---- my phone

What shampoo do you use:
---- sunsilk..

Something that has happened to you this year:
---- go to KL wif my fwen onLy..

Worst thing that has happened to you this year:
---- fight wif my sweetest drugs..


*have u had*

Chicken pox:
---- yup.. when i was a little girl..

Sore Throat:
---- yup.. a few days ago...

Broken nose:
---- nope...

Tonsels removed:
---- nope...

Ice cream in the morning:
---- yup...


*would you*

Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000:
---- hell NO...

If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with :
---- the one who can sent me back home..

Who is the last person that called you:
---- teepah... :)

Who was the last person you slow danced with:
---- no 1..

What makes you laugh the most:
---- my little princess...

What makes you smile:
---- my sweetest drugs..

yajak koh...


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