Sunday, April 12, 2009

bowink.. so?

jam menunjukkan pukol 12:25 a.m... aku bowink, sambil sakit aty.. ada benda len nak ku post, p gik sakit aty, so mls lah ku post benda2 yg ku suppose post.. so, aku TERbaca survey ku copy n paste lah..


What is today's date?

What was the first thing that happened?
*broke... no money...

Who was the first person you talked to?
*no 1..

What was the best thing that happened so far?
*i found u...

What was the best thing you've eaten?
*everything that i ate was d best..

Whats the worst thing you've eaten?
*haty manok.. suck..

Who were you with?
*no 1...

Where did you go?
*when? hahaha

What did you wear?
*tshirt n towel..

What did you buy?

What was the best song you heard?
*1234 by plain white t..

What's the funniest thing that happened?
*i cant remember...

Whats tomorrow's date?
*april 13..

Got any plans?

Is there anything you HAVE to do?
*clean my fucking room, wash my fucking clothes...

Who are you going to be with?
*no idea...

What would you like to get accomplished?
*no idea...

Who are you definatly going to talk to?
*no idea...

Do you have to go to school/work?
* yes i am...


Who do you want to marry?

When do you want to get married?
*when im ready enough to be someone's wife...

How do you want to get married?
*ask him.. he knows what i want..

Where do you want to settle down at?
*no idea...

Whats your dream job?
*counting my own money in my own bank.. :P

How many kids do you want?

What do you want your kid's names to be?
*no idea...

Do you want to have kids early or later on in life?
*no idea...

What kind of house do you want to live in?
*castle.. hahaha

What kind of car do you want to drive?

How many and what kind of pets do you want to have?
*1, a cat.. chimie...

Where do you want to go to college (If you haven't already)?
*oredy finished my study at some fucking college..


sowie if bowink.. akku gik bowink bowink lah benda yang aku post.. hahaha

yajak koh...

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